There are millions of independent artists in the world today, and only a handful ever make it. This package empowers the average artist with the tools they need to start a successful online music career and business. This will help the artist learn how to better utilize social media and engage their fan base to earn a potential residual income to fuel their musical passions.

This program provides the following:

  • An initial consultation directly with our CEO or member of our corporate team
  • A comprehensive digital evaluation by our internet marketing team
  • Distribution through our partners
  • Eligibility for our Conquer specific events
  • Access to our services and affiliated service providers

All for $199.00!


Next Steps:

Complete the form below, then click "Submit Form & Add To Cart".  After purchasing the Artist Development Package, Conquer Entertainment will send you the needed documents allowing us to collect all the necessary information for your assessment.  You will also receive a call from the Conquer Entertainment Team to answer any questions you have getting started.

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